Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Needing a vacation after my "vacation"

Mexico was great. I was amazed to see a group of 200+ orphans/castouts/dropoffs looking so healthy, happy, and hard-working. As for our own activities, we gutted the childrens home's sewing facility and performed several upgrades. Ripped out the bathroom and set up new walls, installed new, pre-built (courtesy of my cabinet expert father-in-law and his crew) cabinets and open sewing/working areas, secured the looms to the ceiling with wire bracketing rather than multiple 2x4's, repaired sheetrock, mudded/taped, primed, painted, cleaned, and got the heck out.

For me the biggest frustration of the trip was the ride down and the ride back. I realized how impatient and easily-annoyed a person I can be. There's a couple guys who go to our church, father and son, that I rode down to Matamoros with. Now the father is a very compassionate guy, easy to get along with and great company to keep. But his son is a nightmare. I'm convinced he has some sort of social disorder. He walks, talks and acts like a bratty 13-yr old, only he's 30 years old. He is divorced, with a little girl who lives with her mom and her husband (apparently his former best friend). He is semi-employed, and lives with his father in a trailer on a friend's property.

Now I tried very hard to get along with him. But good grief, I can only take so much absolutely awful behavior in a single day. After about 1/2 hour on the road, I wanted to strangle him to silence his bitter, biting, hateful comments. One of those Christians who believes the Republican party exists to represent Jesus' legal interests on earth, that Obama is the devil incarnate, and that anything made by a company other than Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge is a piece of garbage. Worse, he's very vocal about all of the above.

I learned a very valuable lesson last week. Ignorance, while bliss, does not endear you to the illuminated. It also can get you a fat lip if you're in the right (well, I guess wrong) company.

In other news...I turn 31 in 3 weeks. Ugh.

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