Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring forward, step backward

My body won't adjust to the time change. Both today and yesterday my trusty iPhone woke me up at 4:40 AM. It felt like 3:40 AM. I couldn't get myself out of bed. I still managed to get myself to the gym after work, but it just feels nice getting the workout done in the morning and having energy all day.

My proposition: dump spring forward and fall backward. Why do we need them? To preserve daylight? Just leave nature alone...let people adjust themselves to time, rather than adjusting time for the people. It's messing with my chi...and my chi doesn't like to be messed with. My chi can get downright nasty when you mess with it like this.

I'm heading to Mexico on Thursday to film construction of a sewing facility at an orphanage in Matamoros. Additionally, I'm taking some stills that, apparently, are going to end up in the 501 Life magazine (Central Arkansas news magazine). Which is a bit scary, as I've always enjoyed taking pictures but have never exactly had any formal training. Perhaps my wife's trusty Nikon digital SLR will keep me in line. Thank goodness for auto-mode. I'm excited about the trip...granted I'm on the team that's driving down (thanks to the amount of film gear i'm bringing) so it will be a long trip. And I'm riding down with some folks who are...different from me. I'll leave it at that. It'll be an interesting drive. Lots of time to read, better hit the used bookstore before I leave.

It also means a week off work. What will HP do without me? More importantly, what will all the rookie reps who depend on me to answer all their questions do without me? Hopefully survive. I feel like Obi Wan Kenobi leaving Luke Skywalker alone on his first mission. Hopefully the rookies survive ok and don't turn to the dark side (I could talk about how this could happen, but I'll leave that topic alone in order to avoid bashing a co-worker).

And last but not least, P90X. I've finally got the cash to buy it. I'm scared. I hear it's pretty hardcore. I've been trying to gear myself up for it by going to the gym and doing some strength training in areas I'm weak (particularly abs and lower back). But I need a change, South Beach only dropped about 20 lbs off my frame before leaving me on a plateau, and from what I hear if you follow the P90X plan, you can really shed the lbs and put on some serious muscle. I'm looking forward to it, despite all the sweat and pain it will cause I want to lose the flab badly enough to stick with it.

Oh, the boss is here. Bye now :)


  1. Amen to the time change, just wait until if/when you have kids. Then it really tips your world upside down. have fun in mexico and good luck with the P90X, I hear it's a killer! But it seems like you've laid a good foundation for it!

  2. ME TOO! I want to move to a state that doesn't observe it. Arizona? Anyway, read a photography book on the way to Mexico and play with the camera the whole way there. You can learn tons in hours. Experiment with aperture priority mode ("A" on the dial). It's my fave.

    But I'm an amateur, too. I don't much know what I'm talking about. :-)