Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Needing a vacation after my "vacation"

Mexico was great. I was amazed to see a group of 200+ orphans/castouts/dropoffs looking so healthy, happy, and hard-working. As for our own activities, we gutted the childrens home's sewing facility and performed several upgrades. Ripped out the bathroom and set up new walls, installed new, pre-built (courtesy of my cabinet expert father-in-law and his crew) cabinets and open sewing/working areas, secured the looms to the ceiling with wire bracketing rather than multiple 2x4's, repaired sheetrock, mudded/taped, primed, painted, cleaned, and got the heck out.

For me the biggest frustration of the trip was the ride down and the ride back. I realized how impatient and easily-annoyed a person I can be. There's a couple guys who go to our church, father and son, that I rode down to Matamoros with. Now the father is a very compassionate guy, easy to get along with and great company to keep. But his son is a nightmare. I'm convinced he has some sort of social disorder. He walks, talks and acts like a bratty 13-yr old, only he's 30 years old. He is divorced, with a little girl who lives with her mom and her husband (apparently his former best friend). He is semi-employed, and lives with his father in a trailer on a friend's property.

Now I tried very hard to get along with him. But good grief, I can only take so much absolutely awful behavior in a single day. After about 1/2 hour on the road, I wanted to strangle him to silence his bitter, biting, hateful comments. One of those Christians who believes the Republican party exists to represent Jesus' legal interests on earth, that Obama is the devil incarnate, and that anything made by a company other than Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge is a piece of garbage. Worse, he's very vocal about all of the above.

I learned a very valuable lesson last week. Ignorance, while bliss, does not endear you to the illuminated. It also can get you a fat lip if you're in the right (well, I guess wrong) company.

In other news...I turn 31 in 3 weeks. Ugh.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring forward, step backward

My body won't adjust to the time change. Both today and yesterday my trusty iPhone woke me up at 4:40 AM. It felt like 3:40 AM. I couldn't get myself out of bed. I still managed to get myself to the gym after work, but it just feels nice getting the workout done in the morning and having energy all day.

My proposition: dump spring forward and fall backward. Why do we need them? To preserve daylight? Just leave nature alone...let people adjust themselves to time, rather than adjusting time for the people. It's messing with my chi...and my chi doesn't like to be messed with. My chi can get downright nasty when you mess with it like this.

I'm heading to Mexico on Thursday to film construction of a sewing facility at an orphanage in Matamoros. Additionally, I'm taking some stills that, apparently, are going to end up in the 501 Life magazine (Central Arkansas news magazine). Which is a bit scary, as I've always enjoyed taking pictures but have never exactly had any formal training. Perhaps my wife's trusty Nikon digital SLR will keep me in line. Thank goodness for auto-mode. I'm excited about the trip...granted I'm on the team that's driving down (thanks to the amount of film gear i'm bringing) so it will be a long trip. And I'm riding down with some folks who are...different from me. I'll leave it at that. It'll be an interesting drive. Lots of time to read, better hit the used bookstore before I leave.

It also means a week off work. What will HP do without me? More importantly, what will all the rookie reps who depend on me to answer all their questions do without me? Hopefully survive. I feel like Obi Wan Kenobi leaving Luke Skywalker alone on his first mission. Hopefully the rookies survive ok and don't turn to the dark side (I could talk about how this could happen, but I'll leave that topic alone in order to avoid bashing a co-worker).

And last but not least, P90X. I've finally got the cash to buy it. I'm scared. I hear it's pretty hardcore. I've been trying to gear myself up for it by going to the gym and doing some strength training in areas I'm weak (particularly abs and lower back). But I need a change, South Beach only dropped about 20 lbs off my frame before leaving me on a plateau, and from what I hear if you follow the P90X plan, you can really shed the lbs and put on some serious muscle. I'm looking forward to it, despite all the sweat and pain it will cause I want to lose the flab badly enough to stick with it.

Oh, the boss is here. Bye now :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Running Shoes...

...are completely FAIL. I have blisters 2 inches in diameter on the balls of both feet thanks to them. I think it may be time to bite the bullet and head to the shoe store for some $100+ running shoes. My cheap self is highly averse to spending that kind of money on running shoes, however when it comes to shoes, you pay for what you get. And I can't suffer any more of these abnormally large blisters right on the part of my foot I walk/run on. Off to the Sporty Runner I go.

Being inside all day today is unbearable. It's 72 degrees outside, sunny, the perfect day to roll down the windows and blast the rock n' roll. Unfortunately I'm stuck longingly peering outside, avoiding the slowness of my workday (though I should just thank God i'm slow...that's not the norm) and wishing I was getting an early start on my tan.

In other news, we're purchasing P90X very soon. I need a workout that mixes it up and forces me to take exercise to the next level. I keep hearing the stories from friends and friends of friends about how awesome of a workout it is. If I'm going to drop another 40-50 lbs, it's going to require something other than what I'm doing. And hey, having P90X may just save us $50 a month on my gym bill.

They're roasting us alive in the building today. I think it's time to go outside, where it's nice and cool.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Creeping up there

I realized this morning that, in about 6 weeks, I will be 31 years old. Turning 30 was not so great, but 31 is like a nail in the coffin.

All those 40-50 somethings can call me an idiot for saying i'm "old" at 31, and give me their "oh Adam do you hear me playing my violin over here?" sarcasm, but I don't care. I'm not saying that I feel like i'm getting arthritis with each passing moment due to my advanced age...I'm just saying that it's a bigger number than I want to get used to at this point.

The weight loss program has plateau'd over the last week or so...I've only dropped about 1 lb. So, I think that Danielle and I may invest in P90X. I've heard good things from people who've stuck to it, that if you really do the program wholeheartedly, you will see results. That's what I want. I can stick to a program, but I have to be able to see the results after a month or so. And i've still got almost 50 lbs to go before I hit my target of 210. Ought to be interesting.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Going Postal

I sell HP servers to the government through my actual customers, who are government contractors (companies akin to Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, etc).

These people are angry...almost all the time. Today I've had 4 calls from people who were nearly yelling into the phone. I'd done all I could for them, but company policy and rules/regulations will only let me do so much myself before I'm forced to rely on someone else to complete their part of the task (and of course speed is not as important to them as it is to me and my customer).

Wherever my next career destination is, remind me not to get a job in sales.