Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's been awhile

Preface: For the 2 (maybe) people who pay attention to this - I require a great deal of self-validation and ego-stroking. So please...comment! It keeps me going.

Part of me wants to be deeply philosophical in this post, discussing matters such as Haiti's earthquake and long-running governmental uber-failure(s), the iPad and my growing annoyance with Steve Jobs, and the Amazon v. Macmillan Publishing dispute and how retarded Amazon is.

The other part...the part that wins...wants to talk about how lazy I am. Granted, I get up 4 days a week at 4:40 AM and go work out for an hour, work a full day at work, and (some of the time) cook a full meal upon my return home. So i'm not that lazy...but I am pretty lazy. I could probably make my workouts more intense than I do, but I'm too lazy. I could probably put myself on a stricter, more regimented diet program, but I'm too lazy. I could find something to do on the weekends other than sit on my couch watching TV and playing video games, but I'm just too damn lazy.

I think all the time about how I could go camping or hiking, pick up my acoustic guitar and play, go out and take care of the yard, teach the dogs new tricks, re-organize the house. Then I think about how I don't really want to do anything other than what sounds the easiest and most enjoyable.

I drive myself nuts with how lazy I am. I think about how much I hate my laziness, but am too lazy to do anything about it. Vicious and perpetual laziness.



  1. welcome could always have a baby. that takes the laziness right out of you, i promise! not that it's a good reason to have a baby, just saying, it cures laziness.

  2. Oh, I also wasn't sure if you still weren't playing WOW. My hubby plays as much as I'll let him. :) He loves it. I'm glad he has a hobby of his own.It gives me time I need/want to play poker and hang out with friends.

  3. Oh my gosh, Adam -- ME TOO! Know what has always helped me? To-do lists. Manageable ones, though. I found a new template to-do list on a really girly mom blog, so you're probably not interested in the design per se, but its concept is simple. List no more than 10 items to do in one day. Make three of them your "most important tasks," or MITs. You absolutely must do the three MITs. The other can fall by the wayside if necessary (and be rescheduled for tomorrow, next week, or never).

    I'm pretty Type-A, so I really get a rush from crossing things off a list. This past weekend, I finally cleaned out my nightstand...because it was on the list. Try it if you haven't!