Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The one time of year the government puts money in my pocket

That's's HP Federal "harvest season." The one point in the year where, while the government spends taxpayer money on HP equipment, they also end up putting a very small portion of that money in my pocket. No complaints on this end.

The downside being that I've been absolutely swamped these past several weeks. But hey, better than being bored. And now that I don't have to worry about phone call metrics anymore, I can spend my time being truly productive rather than worrying about hitting call numbers with useless talk time and calls made. Yet, I also have to be more producing of revenue in order to "show my work."

In other news, new bass is in the house and sounding fantastic. Also got the P-Bass back with its new pickups and wiring. Put it together with the Aphex Bass Xciter and it sounds absolutely amazing. Couldn't be happer...well, unless I had an Ampeg SVT Vintage Re-Issue head and matching 8x10 cab to play it through. Wishful thinking at this point. Once I get the Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive pedal I won on ebay Monday, I'll be rockin'.

Also got a new laptop, an HP HDX 16". It's a nice, high-end gaming/entertainment computer, with a blu-ray drive, lots of RAM and a very nice video card. But good grief, you remove Norton and the whole thing goes haywire. Two days out of the box and I was already having problems. No complaints on the video/sound though, with the docking station this computer gets LOUD, in a nice, crisp way. Most of all, it'll be nice to be able to bring blu-rays with us when we're on the road and watch them outside of the house.

I should probably be I go.

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