Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Melting Pot

Life's been a mixture of insanity, joy, frustration, exhaustion, and a host of other emotions I don't care to divulge. Danielle's now at 21 weeks preggo, and I'm getting a husband's taste of the emotions that come along with the whole pregnancy gig. I'm learning to appreciate my father-friends much more these days, and the sage advice that comes with their friendship.

We began a couple home-remodeling projects late last week (both starting the same day I left on a trip to Nashville to visit Dad/Austin). First being the landscaping project. I possess a black thumb (the thumb of death), and while Danielle likes to think she's in possession of a green thumb, she doesn't have the time to employ it. Thus our large front flower bed has been reminiscient of the Amazon this spring/summer/fall. Enough is enough. My good friend Danny the landscaper brought in the heavy machinery and the subcontractors and did some positive damage to the yard. The attrition? A blue spruce tree, a dead maple tree, several cratemyrtles (sp?), Danielle's "wildflowers" (aka weeds), the persistently infuriating holly bush, the 8 ft. tall weed Danielle thought was a wildflower, and most of the shrubbery I found it frustrating to mow around every 3 weeks. The additions? Two Japanese maples, a whole lot of river rock, some small slow-growing bushes, and definitely NOT any wildflowers.

The second project being the deck. We've had this decrepit, pathetic-looking little balcony off our master bedroom that gets no use and acts solely as an eyesore. In order to facilitate more fiestas at Casa Barron, we decided that a full-fledged, fully-functional deck needed to take its place. Hopefully it will be done before the weather goes fully sub-60's. Dimensions: 16x30 ft.

A bit of trivia: the deck alone is officially larger than the duplex Danielle lived in during her last couple years at JBU.

Once these are done, it's a master bathroom remodel. And quite a remodel it will be. Costly, but should add value galore. Let's hope so. We don't want to be in our house forever.

Work is frustrating, as usual, but until the craziness surrounding our little boy's arrival subsides, I'm going to stay in the current job to avoid any additional uncertainty.

Oh, and yes, it's a boy. Jonathan Daniel Barron (J.D.) should arrive on/around 3/3/2011.

Much more. I'll likely be blogging more in the near future. Lord knows I need the therapy.


  1. Let's hope for March FOURTH! That's my birthday. And it's also the only day of the year that gives a command.

  2. Well I can't speak for when the child will decide to make its first appearance, but March 4th sounds like as good a date as any.